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There is no substitute for success.  It's that simple.  Whether we are representing  a Buyer or Seller, the only thing that our client is interested in is results.  

For almost twenty years, I have been working with clients to help them achieve their goals.  Ask me how we can help you to achieve yours.


Bernie Walko  has over 35 years of business experience in markets that range from Aerospace to Automotive, Manufacturing to Outsourced Services, Healthcare to Consumer Products, Telecom and Security.  This provides a depth of knowledge and experience that has served his past clients well.  During that time he has completed over $1.4 Billion in transactions for clients.

What direction to take?

If you are considering an M&A event as a Seller, or have a strategic need to fill as a Buyer, B F Walko Company can help.  Call for a consultation to learn more.

Our Process

Our process begins with an in-depth discussion of your business and goals.  As an Owner looking to exit or recapitalize the business, we work closely with you to position the company in a way that presents a clear summary of the successes which have been achieved during the course of the business’s life and what strengths they bring to the table for a Buyer.  Preliminary Due Diligence covers most of the questions that a Buyer will have in order to determine if it is a fit with their goals and culture.  During the process, high levels of detail and confidentiality are maintained.  Working closely with the Business owners, potential Buyers are identified.  Our client is guided through a complete process ensuring that the best buyers are brought in, while limiting disruptions to the day-to-day business of the Company.  After all, you have a business to run.  

Our services include taking potential buyers through the business details, financials, etc. that lead to offers being submitted that are in line with current markets.  All negotiations are conducted with the seller fully informed throughout, providing project management that leads to a successful closing.

Buy-side clients have the advantage of reaching many potential targets, while maintaining the confidential nature of the inquiry.  Generally, a large field of potential sellers is identified after which much discussion is conducted with the Buyer to determine which targets have the best potential fit.  Initial calls are made to discover facts about the business, whether the owner(s) are interested in speaking with a Buyer, and what their expectations may be regarding valuation.  A report is submitted to the Buyer and a determination is made whether to proceed to an NDA and introduction.  If a determination is made to take the step of making an offer, we work with the client to develop an offer and present it to the potential seller.  Due Diligence is conducted in concert with the Buyer’s needs, providing as much or as little assistance as is required.  The closing process is managed to ensure that all parties are moving as quickly as possible toward the goal of closing the transaction.

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